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Integrative Wellness Services

If you have tried everything else and don’t know where to turn, we are here to give you hope. We use advanced lab tests to provide more accurate information on how your body is working and to uncover and treat the root cause of your symptoms.

Our services have been designed to work wherever you live; both telephone and office appointments. We offer special discounts to make our Integrative-Functional medicine approach to wellness affordable.   Learn more.

Tricia’s “Fab 5” Keys  To  Take Back Your Health

Get to the ROOT CAUSE(S)

  Advanced, Cutting-Edge Testing

  High-Quality Nutritional Support

  Dietary and Lifestyle Changes 

Equip and Empower You 

Tricia’s 7-Step Approach To Restore Health

  Heal the Gut

  Remove Toxins

  Treat Infections

  Balance Hormones

  Relieve Stress

  Optimize Diet

 Change Lifestyle

It’s Possible to Live the Solution

This is a great opportunity to discover what healthy means to you, your body, and your life. Sometimes it is hard to change lifelong habits. I know and have done it myself. These habits and choices you’re holding onto may be the very thing contributing to your symptoms and health concerns.

We provide advanced testing, high-quality nutraceuticals, tools to optimize your diet, personalized treatment programs, and one-on-one support to help you make lifestyle changes. You will be equipped and empowered to live the solution!   To Your Health, Tricia, FNP

Less Complex Concerns

Customized Program – Addresses Your Concerns
If you want to improve your health and address less complex issues like digestive concerns, seasonal allergies, fatigue, or just sense that something is not right, we are here to help you. The most frequently run tests are routine blood work and micronutrient testing.

More Complicated Conditions

Personalized Approach Gets to the Root Cause(s)
If you are suffering with a chronic condition, a new diagnosis, or have tried many things and don’t know where to turn, we want to offer you hope. We successfully treat Autoimmune Disorders, Thyroid Dysfunction, Chronic Inflammation, Leaky Gut, Adrenal Fatigue, Brain Disorders, Arthritis, SIBO, Candida, MCS, Anxiety and Depression, MTHFR, Chronic Pain, CFIDS, FM, to name a few.

Weight Loss Programs

Weight Loss Programs that Work
If you have tried to lose weight and continue to regain it or just cannot lose weight, we can help you! Your program will be tailored to your unique needs. For greater success in achieving your goals, we build a coaching plan into most programs.

Learn More – Weight Loss Programs

Wellness Coaching

Stay on Track with One-On-One Support
Coaching sessions can be arranged anywhere in the world! These sessions provide one-on-one support and personalized guidance to help you stay on track with lifestyle changes, accountability, healthy eating, special diets, goal setting, and more. Be equipped and empowered to achieve success and live a healthier life!

Learn More – Coaching Services

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