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Web-based Services – Wherever You Live

Our Web-based Services (in-person appointments available) are available wherever you may live; designed to uncover and treat the root cause of your symptoms. For more complicated health conditions and prescription medications, you will need to establish a nurse practitioner-patient relationship in person. This is usually at the initial consultation. Subsequent appointments can be scheduled by phone. Learn more.

Health Insurance

We do not accept any form of health insurance nor do we provide diagnostic codes for our services. We do provide diagnostic codes for lab tests. We also offer exclusive discounts and specials to make our integrative approach to wellness affordable, with our newsletter sign up. Sign me up!

Integrative Wellness Appointments

Initial Consultation
The initial appointment is usually 1.5 to 2 hours and depends on the complexity of your health concerns. The length of this appointment will be determined with you. Your comprehensive health history and health timeline are carefully reviewed for clues about your present state of health. Preliminary lab tests are determined at this time.

Short Initial Consultation
We offer a shorter initial appointment for special circumstances such as international travel, simple health issue, etc.  For more information, please submit the form below and we will contact you.

First Follow-up Appointment 
Generally, the first follow-up is 1.0 to 1.5 hours. Again, this will be determined with you. There are more frequent appointments (in-person or phone) at the beginning of your treatment program.

Personalized Treatment Program 
Your treatment program will be reviewed with you at your first follow-up and your input is very important. Weekly email updates, periodic follow-up appointments (phone or in person), and updating lab tests are an integral part of your program. As you rebuild your health, your body changes and so does your treatment program. 

Weight Loss and Coaching Services

Weight Loss Programs – Customized Programs that Work!
Our Weight Loss Programs are available when you become an Integrative Wellness Client. They are customized to address your unique needs and health concerns.  Learn more.

Coaching Services – BIG Summer Sale July 30th – August 31st!  
Coaching is available in two ways; 1. become an Integrative Wellness Client or   2.  become only a Coaching Client. Coaching helps you to stay on track with lifestyle changes, personalized support, healthy eating, goal setting, accountability, and more!  Learn more.

Lab Services

Conventional Lab Tests
These are tests that you are probably familiar with like thyroid testing, vitamin D, chemistry profile, cholesterol, to name a few. These tests are usually covered by insurance. Most labs offer cash discounts for those without health insurance. Because we are an Integrative Wellness Center, we look at optimal levels in addition to lab reference ranges.

Advanced Lab Tests
For more accurate information about how your body is working, and to help uncover the root cause of your symptoms, we use advanced, cutting-edge lab tests. Most tests are covered by insurance and cash discounts are usually available for those without health insurance. We now offer a non-invasive, FDA approved, cancer screening test called Cologuard.

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