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Wellness Coaching Services

Available Wherever You Live

Stay on Track with Personalized Support 
Wellness Coaching sessions help you to stay on track with lifestyle changes, healthy eating, goal setting, special diets, accountability, to name a few.

Health   ◊   Life   ◊   Success    ◊   Story
You too, can have your own success story and live a happier, healthier life. Coaching sessions are by phone and can be scheduled anywhere in the world! We will equip and empower you to take back your health and life!

Wellness Coaching 

Initial Coaching Consultation
The Initial Consultation is 75 minutes and will establish you as a Wellness Coaching Client only. We will review your health history and goals.

Follow-up Coaching Sessions
After your initial appointment, please choose from our discounted coaching packages, plans, and individual sessions listed below. Lab tests are not usually reviewed in coaching appointments.

Cancellation Policy
Because your appointment time is reserved for you, we have a 48 hour cancellation policy, which excludes cancellations Friday-Sunday and Holidays, because our office is close. There is a possible cancellation fee of $40.00 with emergency situations taken into account.

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Coaching Packages with Flexibility

  • Coach 3:  Three hours/180 minute package    $190.       Expires in 3 month
  • Coach 6:  Six hours/360 minute package           $375.       Expires in 6 months

Monthly Coaching Plans

  • Deluxe:        1/2 hour session/week                       $125./month
  • Basis Plus:  Two, 1/2 hour sessions/month       $  65./month

Individual Sessions

  • $125. Initial
  • $   75. Hour
  • $   40.1/2 Hour

Discounted Fees and Specials

  • All fees are subject to change
  • Discounted packages and plans have an expiration date
  • Special Promotions page has this information  click here.

Weight Loss Programs

  • Weight Loss Coaching is integrated into most Weight Loss Programs
  • For more information about our Weight Loss Programs,  click here.
Coaching sessions are for guidance purposes and are not intended to be a substitution for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. We encourage you to seek the advice of your health care provider with questions regarding your medical condition and the medications that you are taking.

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